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Too early to tell

A modern consensus has all but consigned free will to the graveyard of outmoded ideas. But one philosopher isn’t so sure.

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Reforms, not reformers

Industrial-scale agriculture has placed small farmers and their local environments at risk not just in the United States but across the developing world, warns Eric Holt-Giménez of the “think-and-do-tank” Food First. Fixing the problem, he argues, isn’t a matter of waiting for top-down reform — but of generating sustained pressure from below.

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More cows, moving faster

Desertification is a serious and rapidly-growing problem across wide swathes of the world, and cattle grazing plays a role in it. But if the environmental and economic success that Johann Zietsman has been having with his herds is anything to go by, the answer may not be fewer cattle but more.

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