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Inside the dream world of the experimental Elephant

Jessica Bianchi traces the long evolution of this London-based band’s floating, ethereal songs — from all-night parties-turned-musical-birthing sessions to strained relationships and equally strained bank accounts.

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Ups and downs, louds and softs

At the forefront of South Africa’s emerging psychedelic rock movement marches The Very Wicked, a band that wants rock and roll to recapture its sense of story — and even, dare we say it, subtlety. And as a driving force behind Cape Town’s monthly “Psych Nights”, they’re bringing a lot of other bands along for the journey.

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Growls and falsettos

From Australian Idol contestant to ARIA Song of the Year award-winner — twice — and having released four EPs already and soon a full-length album, it’s been a busy six years for singer-songwriter Matt Corby. The next six are likely to be busier.

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