The latest issue of SCOPE has arrived

by April 11, 2012

SCOPE 2012 No 1

SCOPE’s first issue of 2012 is now off our high-fidelity virtual presses. In it, you’ll find stimulating essays on the status of fun in our over-marketed society, on living in the shadow of the Haitian earthquake, on the grey zones of intellectual property and art forgery, and on the hidden role of measurement in creating the modern era. You’ll find interviews with Brooklyn-based band Says She’s Ms. Blat and pioneer of thought-controlled computing Ariel Garten. Plus (and as always) you’ll find beautiful work from talented artists and photographers around the world.

Go here to check out the issue.

A couple of things worth noting, by the way. You’ve likely already spotted the shift in our issue identification scheme from seasonal to numeric (i.e. “2012 No 1” rather than “Winter 2012”); a related (and less obvious) change is the reduction in our annual subscription price from $20 to $12. What’s driving both is a recognition that given the quality levels we aim at and the resources at our disposal, three issues a year is the right publication frequency for us. We’ll regularly revisit this question, of course, as the magazine develops and grows.

Thanks for reading SCOPE, and for your ongoing support and enthusiasm. We hope you enjoy the issue, and we’re eager to hear your feedback!