Getting out the vote

by January 31, 2012

We’re big fans around here of doing our bit to promote SCOPE contributors, but since we haven’t yet featured this particular band in the magazine or blog, consider this a garden-variety inverse post hoc contributor promo. In other words, we will be featuring the band (actually, interviewing its lead singer) in our next issue, and we’re just getting ahead of the game by telling you about them now.

Telling? Perhaps exhorting is a better word. You see, Says She’s Ms. Blat — a Brooklyn-based duo of great talent, energy, and semi-anarchic yet deeply-rooted creativity, in our measured opinion — is currently being featured on MTVu’s “The Freshmen” short list. The band’s video, “Violent Nudity/Ha Ha Ha” (embedded above), is competing against four contenders for the right to be aired in rotation on the channel itself. So watch the video (several times, if you like — their sound can be addictive), and if you like it, please do drop by The Freshmen site and vote for the band (no registration required, just click in the “Vote Now” box, top right). Voting closes at 2.00pm EST Friday 3rd.

And, of course, look for our interview with Lottie Leymarie in the next issue of SCOPE.