SCOPE’s latest issue is out

by September 16, 2011

SCOPE's "latest" issue

As long-time SCOPE readers will know, we traditionally announce the arrival of a new issue with some helpful information about the season it belongs to (see “Our Spring issue is here!”, from May 12, 2011). This time — and only because the words “September” and “Summer” don’t seem to go all that well together — we’re going to be referring to our “latest” issue. But you’ll know which one we mean.

Here’s what’s inside. Apart from our new slate of remarkable artists and photographers, we’re presenting essays on a range of interesting topics, including the new politics of Delhi’s urban poor, the evolving relationship between humans and animals in the context of environmental decline, an anthropological view into the derivatives department of a major French bank (this one just seems to scream “timely”, doesn’t it?), and an interview with one of the most prominent portrait photographers working today.

Enjoy the issue. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!