SCOPE, now in individually-wrapped packaging

by June 3, 2011

*At least once a week I like to spend a few hours reading through the many bags of mail we get here at the North Pole, and I’ve noticed that amid all of the letters of praise and encouragement and pitches for unpaid internships, a sizable minority of correspondents have a common request that is accurately represented by the words of one reader: “It’s all very well offering a scintillatingly-intelligent and visually-striking magazine like SCOPE on an annual subscription basis, but what if I’m not ready for this kind of commitment? What if I just want to read one issue–or maybe two–before deciding whether to make such a high-quality publication a regular part of my life?”

Well, dear sizable minority, we heard you. I know I speak for the entire management team and our highly-skilled staff of elves when I say that we’re very pleased to make the following announcement: **henceforward, single issues of SCOPE can be purchased as either a convenient digital download or as a handsome full-colour printed edition (with a digital edition included in the package for free).

So don’t delay. Visit our page on MagCloud (here) to preview and purchase our most recent issue.

And please keep writing in. We do so love the mail.

* Certain details in this post may have been modified or invented for narrative clarity.
** Details neither modified nor invented.