Our Spring issue is here!

by May 12, 2011

SCOPE magazine, Spring 2011

The Spring issue of SCOPE magazine is now available here, and contains fascinating essays on how the nineteenth-century’s culture of cranks has lessons for our Internet age, on how the UN Security Council’s counter-terrorism sanctions list violated fundamental rights when it was instituted and continues to do so, on the unique and enduring legacy of The White Stripes, on the critical role of the abstract in advancing physics, and on John Lukacs’ new book on the future of history.

As always, we’re thrilled to introduce you to some terrific up-and-coming artists, photographers, sculptors, and designers, whose work we’ve paired with the essays. And look for our new feature, Spectacle, on page 31.

On the issue page, we present both a preview version (which contains one full essay and portions of the others) and a full version only for subscribers. We think you’ll want to become a subscriber after browsing the preview, but feel free to cut to the chase!

Enjoy the issue, and please let us know your impressions and suggestions.