From macro to metro

by April 2, 2011

The endless city

Projections show that 75% of the world’s population will be living in cities in the next couple of decades: right now, 40 people per hour are moving into the city of Lagos, Nigeria. This unprecedentedly urbanized world will bring both great opportunities for wealth creation and the alleviation of poverty, and serious challenges in transportation, sanitation, and energy use. “A Vision of the Next Economy: from macro to metro”, is a fascinating lecture by Ricky Burdett on the results of a research project into this future conducted by Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program and LSE Cities and the Urban Age programme. Burdett is an architect and Professor of Urban Studies at the LSE, and is co-editor of an upcoming book on the project and its findings, Living in the Endless City (Phaidon, June 2011 — the publisher’s page offers a preview of the book).

The podcast of the lecture (90 mins) is available here; it will take a minute or two to open (it’s a large file), but your patience will be rewarded.