The accidental, reluctant return of goth music

by March 21, 2011

Thomas Fisher, Daniel Copeman, and Rachel Davies of Esben and the Witch

Guest post by Kristen Marano

The late 1970s to 1980s saw the advent and popularity of goth music in the United Kingdom, and it’s no surprise that goth is making a return from the same region. One band in particular has recently been considered in the vanguard of this phenomenon: Esben and The Witch, a young trio from Brighton, has gained widespread exposure for their intense performances, dark videos, and songs constructed of distinct, eerie tones paired with the serious drawn-out vocals of singer Rachel Davies.

All clearly goth-like, you’d say–but Esben and the Witch disagrees.  In a recent interview with Toronto’s NOW Magazine, guitarist and keyboardist Thomas Fisher said the band doesn’t see its music or itself as “goth”, and that he and his bandmates discovered classic goth bands like Bauhaus or Mortal Coil only by being compared to them in the media.

Here’s the lead single from the not-really-goth band’s debut album, Violet Cries:

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