Stuff to read: shorter but morer

by March 9, 2011

As you’ve noticed, we’re not exactly a daily blog around here. But our followers (a phrase we mean in a technical rather than a command & control sense) on Facebook and Twitter can attest that we’ve been trying hard to post at least one quick note each day on those platforms to point readers to something worth reading or viewing or listening to. All part of the service, we say–but it does leave our blog-only readers a little in the lurch.

So we decided to do something about all this editorial guilt that we’ve been storing up and carrying around: namely, we installed a Twitter widget. If you look on the right panel of this site, and a bit down from here–to just under “Stay connected to SCOPE” and just above “Recent Posts”–you’ll find the most recent tweets from our Twitter account, @scopenotes. In this way you’ll avoid having to risk the addiction that comes with actually using Twitter, and without giving up access to all of the great links we’re posting there. And you’ll all feel like first-class citizens of the Republic of SCOPE, once again.