Against the vegetable monoculture

by March 26, 2011

Mutatoes, by Uli Westphal

As food consumers our levels of pickiness have tended to rise over the years as agricultural producers have become more successful at growing and selecting the most attractive and healthy-looking items of food; a misshapen tomato which in yesteryear would have been considered perfectly edible and purchased without compunction is now considered unsellable. Berlin artist Uli Westphal critiques this aspect of the industrial food system by collecting “non-standard” fruits and vegetables from farmers markets and photographing them in all of their wonderful biological diversity.

Go visit his work here. Westphal is also an active grower of vegetables (his crops being non-industrial and thus rather diverse, he calls it “mutato farming”) and maintains an interesting blog on his observations and travails, and on the hidden oddities of industrialized food, here.