A big lung for a big city

by March 28, 2011

LO2P New Delhi (concept), winner of eVolo's 2011 Skyscraper Competition

Future-minded magazine of architecture and design eVolo has been holding its Skyscraper Competition since 2006, seeking revolutionary new ideas in the exploitation of technology, materials, aesthetics, and spatial organization to redefine what a skyscraper is and does. For 2011 a remarkable idea from France’s Atelier CMJN has won first prize: in shape reminiscent of the London Eye, LO2P would in fact serve (hypothetically) as a massive air purifier for the city of New Delhi. Explains CMJN:

The idea behind this skyscraper is to recycle the old cars and use them as building material for the new structure. The building is designed as a giant lung that would clean New Delhi’s air through a series of large-scale greenhouses that serve as filters. Another set of rotating filters capture the suspended particles in the air while the waste heat and carbon dioxide from the recycling center are used to grow plants that in turn produce bio-fuels.

Go here for more details and diagrams of the concept.