Hari Menon’s miracles

by February 2, 2011

Evening Blues, by Hari Menon (2009)

Profiled in India’s Smart Photography magazine, Hari Menon is a self-taught and highly versatile freelance photographer from North Paravur in the south-western state of Kerala. Menon’s photographs are products of his eye for commercially-friendly and eminently viewable dramas of colour and contrast, and of his interest in the people and traditions of Kerala itself and, more broadly, of India.

Menon’s web site is here, but the range of his photography can best be seen on his Flickr page. The striking image below, incidentally, depicts the jallikattu, an annual bull-taming festival held near Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Madurai Miracles series, by Hari Menon (2011)