The Raghu Dixit Project

by December 16, 2010

From the outside, success seems to come fast. A former graduate student in microbiology, Raghu Dixit is a self-taught guitarist and singer from Bangalore in south-west India; the first CD released by his band, The Raghu Dixit Project, was the highest selling non-film music album of 2008-2009. The band’s style is hybrid — mixing influences from India with reggae, funk, and rock and roll, Dixit claims to have founded a genre known as Indo-World-Folk-Rock (not to be confused with Hip-Hop-Digi-Folk, the genre pioneered by New Zealand’s Flight of the Conchords, or Global-Ghetto-Funk, which is M.I.A.’s area) — and really, it works.

Listen to one of the first big hits on the album, “Hey Bhagawan”:

Also worth watching is a set of enthusiastic testimonials from Bollywood stars:

Visit Raghu Dixit’s site here.