The life in concrete boxes

by November 5, 2010

Documentary maker Katerina Cizek

The apartment building is one of the most standardized and recognizable architectural forms in the world — in its most common form, a simple rectangular box of white-painted concrete, white steel balconies, and grey windows. It is ugly, conformist, efficient; a functional solution to the urban challenges of density and cost. Because of the apartment building, virtually every city on Earth looks a lot like another.

Yet, we must remind ourselves, apartment buildings are occupied by human beings. Seen from the inside, they are filled with diversity, creativity, and life. Directed by Katerina Cizek and sponsored by Canada’s National Film Board, the online interactive documentary “Out My Window” does a remarkable job of changing our viewpoint in just this way, bringing us inside a host of buildings to meet the inhabitants of forty-nine apartments in thirteen cities around the world, to glimpse their lives, and to see those same cities through their eyes.

View it here.