Songs from a fast guitar

by November 1, 2010

Kristian Matsson, The Tallest Man on Earth

Kristian Matsson classifies himself as “acoustic/folk/blues” on his Myspace page — a categorization that might make one wonder about what kind of music such a blend will produce. In particular, what kind of music it will produce when sung by a Swede with a voice that sounds like a short glass of Bob Dylan with just a tablespoonful of Tom Waits, and with a talent for guitar work that is thick, complex, and fast.

Wonder no more. Here’s Matsson — better known as The Tallest Man on Earth — performing the wonderfully high-energy and singable “Honey, Let Me In” at London’s Barden’s Boudoir:

Listen to more here, and read a great review of Mattson’s latest EP “Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird” from the estimable Luke Grundy.