You can never go home again

by October 20, 2010

From Kilkenny, Ireland’s Adrien Merigeau and Alan Holly comes a fascinating, award-winning 11-minute short called “Old Fangs”, which can most simply be described as an animated film about a young wolf attempting to come to terms with his father and with his childhood. It is a remarkable piece of work: atmospheric, iconographic, and moving. Motionographer’s Michelle Higa interviews the directors here:

The layouts for a lot of the shots are so dramatic, almost like panels from a graphic novel. Was storyboarding a big part of the process?

Alan: We did the storyboards with a lot of live action films in mind, we were thinking quite realistically and just worked through the boards really quickly and what we did that week is what you see in the film.

Adrien: Yes we worked through them quite roughly and spontaneously, but our influences were a lot about strong compositions, like the works of Gus Van Sant, Yuri Norstein, Klimt… not to be pretentious, ha, but low key timing and framing were really important to us when we did old fangs. Also the work we did on the Secret of Kells naturally influenced us towards flat and graphic compositions.


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