White citadels, with filter tips

by October 4, 2010

The "Cigarette Citadels" project at Stanford U.

If you were wondering about where the 6 trillion cigarettes that are made each year come from — and the answers “cigarette companies” or “consumer demand” are just too vague for you — you’ll be pleased to hear about “Cigarette Citadels”. A project sponsored by the Stanford Global Tobacco Prevention Research Initiative, “Citadels” offers a Google map of the world with every known cigarette factory (or at least the 234 known to the researchers) identified and tagged. It also offers a shift of focus, from consumers (smokers) to producers (cigarette companies and their factories), as Stanford anthropologist Matthew Kohrman told Physorg.com:

“This map allows us to have a good understanding of how the tobacco industry has grown, where it has set up shop, where it sees its growth potential and where the big players are,” said Kohrman, who is also a senior fellow at Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. “The public has a right to know where cigarette factories are if, as the World Health Organization tells us, the cigarette is the single biggest cause of preventable death right now.”