Until your Rolodex arrives

by September 20, 2010

I had the pleasure this morning of having coffee with Erin Bury, the dynamic young manager of community relations and communications for Sprouter.com. Launched in Toronto barely a year ago, Sprouter now acts as a professional community for entrepreneurs around the world, offering services like real-time expert feedback on members’ ideas and questions, hosting a growing number of “Sprout Up” local networking events in major cities, and providing a Twitter-like platform for entrepreneurs to keep each other informed about their current projects.

As with many successful start-ups, this one was based on a need felt personally: “As a young entrepreneur, you don’t have a big network around you, and you don’t have a Rolodex to rely on,” founder Sarah Prevette told PROFIT magazine in March. “I wanted to build something that entrepreneurs could instantly plug into and find the right people and answers to questions on a day-to-day basis.”

Keep an eye on this team. Also worth visiting is Erin’s thoughtful blog, Random Musings, which addresses topics in social media, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.