SCOPE is on Facebook

by September 18, 2010

After Twitter, it was really only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Yes, SCOPE is on Facebook too (see right-hand column for permanent link). For your convenience and enjoyment, we now offer three ways to keep in touch with us, each appropriate to the online neighbourhood in which you most often find yourself. So don’t hesitate to spread the word: if you’re on Twitter, retweet us; if on Facebook, share us; and if visiting the blog, well, there’s a host of interesting buttons at the bottom of each post’s unique page (click on the post’s title to get there first) — try them out!

On the topic of online neighbourhoods, Wired magazine has a thoughtful article by Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff about the recent but rapid evolution of the Internet away from web pages and toward application-based environments like Facebook. But as you read the article, ask yourself whether it is really a case of “away from” and “toward”, or simply one of “from only this to this plus that”. After all, it’s a complex world; why wouldn’t it have a complex Internet?