Down the slipway

by September 8, 2010

Friends, volunteers, future readers and contributors: I’m excited to announce that having completed our initial research and planning effort, SCOPE magazine has been green-lighted. I’ll write more on the overall project and its goals soon, but for now a quick word about this website. Here on the main page we feature our blog, which will offer updates on the magazine’s development along with regular posts on ideas-centric items of interest from around the world. On the site’s other pages we’ll present selections from the magazine’s current and archived issues, and information on how to subscribe to our digital edition or purchase single copies in either digital or printed format. And over time, we’ll enhance and add to all of this.

Welcome to SCOPE, launching in January 2011. It’s going to be a great ride: feel free to subscribe to our blog (via RSS or the email widget in the right column) so that you don’t miss a thing.