Building without borders

by September 30, 2010

Plans for a cultural centre near Kayes, West Mali

Though the “sans frontières” tag is most famously linked to the organization that in english is known as Doctors without Borders, its adoption by architects indicates that professional distinctions are no bar to the spread of its international and humanitarian spirit. Architecture Sans Frontières International is a growing association of national and regional organizations which adhere to a common set of social, cultural, and environmental principles as defined in the Hasselt Charter. Ongoing projects include:

  • A campaign to raise awareness about the negative impacts of the U.S. prison system and about community-based alternatives to incarceration
  • The building of a sustainably-designed nursery school for a rural village in Tanzania
  • In Barcelona, the re-design and rehabilitation of buildings housing non-profit associations that serve vulnerable groups like drug addicts, prostitutes, and street children
  • The design and construction of a cultural centre in Mali powered entirely by solar energy (see picture above)

For more details, see ASF’s 2010 project portfolio here.

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